December 21, 2012

Quick Takes (The complainey kind.)

Linking up with Conversion Diary again this week!

1. I've been up since 3AM because dear-hearted Rosie decided that she is still not interested in sleeping. She just went back down a few minutes ago, so let's see if I can quickly bang this blog post out. 

2. The world didn't end. Duh.

3. I posted a short little rant on Instagram the other day concerning being considered a weirdo (or just greatly irresponsible) for wanting a house full of children. The outpouring of support and virtual high fives basically blew me away and proved to me that not all people are asshats.

4. Remy is continuing his reign as toddler terrorist supreme this week. 

5. I have to go grocery shopping today. 
The Friday before Christmas. 
With my two of my young children. 
Pray for us.

6. I really don't have much to write about today that isn't a whine of some sort. Sorry.

7. Annnnnnd she's up.


Have a blessed weekend!


  1. Well, just stumbled across your blog for the first time and think I'm hooked already.

  2. Oh, I seriously am praying for you and that grocery store trip! This is going to sound crazy but I truly believe I am often under spiritual attack when I go to the store with all the kids. It's like all their regular insanity times a thousand plus the other customers at the stores being grouchy times a thousand plus me being impatient times a thousand. Ugh!

    1. Yes! I often feel the same way! My kids' misbehaviors rarely bother me in public (they're kids!) but I often times lose count of the sneers we receive. People suck sometimes.



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