November 02, 2012

Grumble. Grumble.

I've been forced back into blogging.

Okay, not forced. Let me explain.

See, I have a really bad habit of scrolling through my phone while I soak in the tub. Stupid, right? Especially stupid, seeing that Remy chewed a hole through my Otterbox. Let's reflect on that for a second. He like a damn puppy.

Okay. I dropped my phone in the tub. It was one of those life flashing before your eyes, slow motion, OH CRAP moments.

Thankfully, it still functions minus the nice hazy effect that the camera now has. What does this have to do with blogging? Well, we are in no position to be running out and buying new phones solely for the purpose of a camera. And we all know that I have a very hot, steamy love affair with Instagram. 

So, I guess it's back to real pictures with a real camera on my REAL blog for the time being.


I think I've pinpointed why it is that I've been shying away from writing here. Of course, it is definitely related to the fact that I have four children who keep me really busy and the first moment I have to relax, the only thing I want to do is eat a chocolate bar in front of the TV. But really? It's insecurity. I have a tendency to write as I speak. I rarely proofread. I use terrible grammar and more cliches than you can shake a stick at. I've gotten more than one comment about my "horrendous abuse of the English language." 

But there's more. 

I've felt a stirring in my heart these past few months. I've hinted at it in other posts. It started as a whisper and now it's a loud, booming voice that can't be ignored. A call back to my faith. 
Back home to the Catholic church. 

With those sorts of personal changes comes opinions and judgment. And I really wasn't ready to open myself up to that before now.


This week has been full of bad weather, broken heaters, worries about health, and more calls to doctors' offices than I'd like. Spare a prayer for us?


  1. I'm so glad that you and your writing are back! And if your blog is a "horrendous abuse of the English language," then call me a masochist.
    Your photography is inspiring! I hope to see more of it soon :)

  2. You are an honest blogger, which I love. I also rarely edit my posts. Screw the english language anyway. It went downhill long before they added LOL to the dictionary.

  3. I think you write beautifully! I have never read a post I didn't enjoy.

    And sista, you need a Lifeproof case. You can thank me later. :)

    Reading blogs via my phone while soaking in the tub is my #1 pasttime. My Lifeproof case has saved my phone more times than I can count.

  4. PS - don't worry what others think about you, your blog, your family, or how you parent. Only worry about what those five precious people who live under your roof think.

    The others can choose to read another blog.

  5. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    *wait. dweej. act cool. act suuuuuuuuper coooool....*

    Hey! Yay! That's pretty great Jess! (See how I'm being all cool and simultaneously supportive? And not at all hopping around and virtually high-fiving you like the weirdo stalker I really am????)

    But seriously. You just gnaw on my ear anytime you want or need to, okay?

    Also....who are these jokers reading your blog and commenting on your grammar? Anyone who has time for that nonsense is clearly a loser!

  6. Would it be cheesy to say welcome home? I think it's awesome you're coming back to the Faith and I hope you get nothing but encouragement from people. But I also think you're being very realistic and wise by preparing yourself that not everyone will be thrilled with that. Add my voice to those saying follow wherever God is leading you. He's pretty smart. I'll say some prayers for you and your family during this time!

  7. I stepped back from blogging too, because I felt it was virtual life and my "real" life began to lack. Can't have that! I say do it when you "want" to. Because then the writing (even if it is bad, lol) has more meaning and thought to it...not just because you have to get a post out there. I follow quite a few blogs and the only ones I visit time and time again are not the ones that post ALL the time, but the ones that have something to say when they do. I will say a prayer for you all:) God Bless!

  8. I am shocked anyone would comment on your grammar. I agree with Blair...I have never NOT enjoyed one of your posts. I adore your little family and the beautiful images you capture. Good to read your words today sista...and you all will be in my prayers.

    I may have to rethink my bathtub/ Instagram/ Twitter time now:/

  9. I have enjoyed reading your blog since I discovered it a year ago. I love your honesty and your genuine love for your family. I pray for you and your family every time I read your posts. Don't EVER be hesitant to share what God is doing in your lives, it might help someone else in the same spot. Thank you for sharing yourself, it's very brave.

  10. What happy, happy news!!! Hugs!

    And of course, you'll definitely be in my prayers. :)

  11. I'm so excited to have stumbled across your blog! I just added it to my reader. Also, welcome home! :) My husband and I converted to Catholicism in 2007 and have never looked back.



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