October 21, 2012


Sometimes I get caught up in the drudgery. 

Wake up, chug a cup of decaf while quickly dressing myself, being as quiet as humanly possible as to not wake any children.

Cooking breakfast, checking backpacks, changing diapers, dressing children, brushing teeth...all before the sun is up.

Dishes, laundry, housework, errands, after school activities..I can get absolutely swallowed whole by busyness. 

And then there's a moment like this. 

When your daughter tells you that you're her favorite person "in the whole, big, wide world."

In those moments, I forget the monotony and the drudgery. And I can clearly see.

This job matters. 


  1. Exactly! Drudgery can chew you up and spit you out and make you feel entirely unappreciated ... and then one little thing can make it all worthwhile.



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