October 19, 2012


Three weeks before Rosie's birth, I dreamed of my brother.

I guess I should stop there and explain the significance. After my brother passed, I pleaded with God to let me see his face once more. All I wanted was to see him in my dreams and know that he was okay. But for five long years, I never once dreamed of my Travis.

But those five years of waiting ended when, in my sleep, I saw him. At an anonymous roadside diner, of all places. He was sitting across the room from me, dining with an unknown companion. He looked up at me, smiled his crooked little grin and nodded once. I was overcome by a sense of peace. "Trust, everything is going to be okay."

And then I woke up.

I though the message was meant for Rosie. That he was keeping watch over my newest little blessing. I was wrong. 

The message was meant for me. 


I guess I'm back?


  1. what a beautiful post, Jessica. I am holding back tears.

  2. Bless your heart. Praying for strength for you during this difficult time. Adjusting to a new baby is hard enough without almost dying in the process. I am so glad your brother was able to give you peace on your journey. What an amazing gift. Timing is everything...

    Much love to you and your crew.

  3. Oh Jess how I love you. Looking back at that post and seeing that first picture of you and your siblings, Rosie and Remy So have the nose of I guess your younger brother? And Owen looks so much like your older brother, and little Olivia is you all over. Holy cow the genes are strong in your family :)

    I'm glad that you are back. xoxo Tammy

  4. What a beautiful post. Such a comforting dream that some may have not put so much thought into. Glad you're listening. You are amazing.



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