June 04, 2012

Monday Mind Dump

I probably should have looked at the weather forecast before getting all gung-ho excited about summer time. My poor kids have been stuck in the house since their last day of school. Stupid rain.

I painted the main bathroom yesterday. I, meaning, me. The really pregnant girl. Going up and down a ladder for hours. Not one of my brightest ideas. I can barely walk this morning, but my bathroom looks fantastic.

I want to know where my sweet, loving Olivia has gone and who is this demanding diva of a child that has replaced her?! The hours of 7PM until she goes to bed are a nightmare. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

I've stopped taking my over the counter sleep aids. They were definitely helping with the pregnancy insomnia, but they left me feeling hungover. I've accepted that sleep is going to be a rare thing around here for a while, between Remy still waking at least once a night and the new baby.

Le husband spent over an hour the other night watching videos on youtube about how to aerate and seed lawns. Over an hour. He's turning into my dad. 

It seems that everyone and their momma is posting their super awesome beach vacation photos on Facebook and Instagram. Stop. Please. Just stop. I'm dying of jealousy. The only vacation I'll be receiving this summer is a 2 day stop at my local hospital.

During Remy's bath last night, I was completely taken aback at the amount of little bruises and scratches on his little legs. He is such a rough and tough kid. 

I found this picture from this time last year and then I died from cute.

Happy Monday!


  1. That picture of Remy is better than ANY beach pic shoved down our throats daily.

    Damn vacationers:/

  2. What A cute picture! Whats it with men and youtube anyway?



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