June 06, 2012

Guilty as charged.

I do all the things I said I wouldn't do when I became a parent. 

I bribe.

I raise my voice.

My kids wear character shoes. And shirts. And dresses and whatever else they plaster Elmo and Dora all over.

My kids rarely behave as I expect them to in public.

That giggly roar coming from the rack of clothing in the boys' section at Sears? Totally my kid.

I often forget to sign paperwork and report cards and homework folders.

My babies wear cheap diapers.

I consider everyone wearing matching shoes and having their hair brushed before leaving the house a success.

I worry too much about how other's parents perceive me and my parenting abilities.

I let my toddler make ungodly amounts of noise in stores, without raising an eyebrow.

I care way too much about keeping my house clean.

And don't spend nearly enough time getting my hands dirty with my kids.


I want to start shooting again. I can feel the inspiration stirring. 


1 comment:

  1. You said it perfect! Especially the Character clothes! haha...I always said he would be so dapper all the time, but sometimes he stays naked half the day. And I raise my voice, feed him cookies, let him eat chicken nuggets and fries (he was only gonna eat fruits and veggies forever), the list goes on. I think we do what we have to in order to survive! And just as I type this my little one decides to leave me a present on the floor....bathroom here we come!



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