May 31, 2012

Summer. Finally.

Oh man. I don't know who was more excited about today. 

Obviously, the kids are thrilled to be done with school for the year, but me? I am ECSTATIC. This momma is ready for some summer fun. I mean, as much fun as being huge and pregnant can be.

But first up, let's compare first and last day of school pics. Here's darling Olivia on her first day of preschool.

And here she is...nine or so months later.

Maybe the changes aren't so obvious from the pictures, but this has been such an incredible year of growth for Olivia. When she first started school, there were legitimate concerns about her shyness. She had never been in a classroom setting and it was a big adjustment for her. I don't know when the switch flipped, but she is a completely different child than she was back in September. She's confident, outgoing, and practically bubbling over with enthusiasm for school and friends. 

And if that whole rambly paragraph wasn't enough of an illustration. Here's a picture of her ready for dance class this evening.

Homegirl is fabulous.


In typical Owen fashion, he didn't want a picture taken of him on his first day of school. Though he did let me snap an Instagram pic this morning on his last day of second grade.

And in typical Owen fashion, he brought home a glowing report card. 


Yesterday we enjoyed some lovely weather in the park for Owen's karate demo. 

I'm a proud momma today. :)


We have a busy summer ahead.

Karate belt testing.
Olivia's first dance recital.
My parents coming to visit!
Baby Rosy's (Rosie? Rosey? I'm obviously still deciding on the nickname spelling) arrival.
House stuff.
House guests!
Football and cheerleading.


Cheers to summer time!


  1. She has grown so much!!! What great kids!!!

  2. Rosie for sure! The ”ie” just makes everything look adorable.

  3. Summer is my most favorite time! The besty best best :)



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