May 29, 2012

Simple. Happy.

I'm currently sitting on the chaise lounge with Remy happily tucked into my side watching Nick Jr. Every so often, he looks up at me and giggles. With a face like his, how can I even complain about being woken up a full two hours before my normal time?

I can't.


Memorial day weekend was quiet.

Someone tossed a big, red ball over our fence at some point Sunday and it made Remy's life.

We grilled.

And this big kid lost another tooth.

We finished the weekend with a trip to DQ and a quick drive with the music up and windows down.



A reminder of what summer will bring.


Speaking of, we officially say hello to summer vacation on Thursday. I'm ready.

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous photos! Have a lovely week:)



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