May 25, 2012

Happy Things {v.13}

You know when the best time to write a Happy Things list is?

When you're not feeling it.

When you're feeling a little down in the dumps and on the verge of declaring your day a total suck fest. Then you sit down and actually think about all the pure joy that surrounds you and you kind of feel like a jackass for ever feeling ungrateful.


This week's Happy Things:

Remy's new found use of the word "Go!"

House repairs that end up costing less than expected.

Frozen strawberries.

End of school! (3 more days!)

Fast drying yellow nail polish.

The fact that I can still paint my toenails without tumbling over like Humpty Dumpty.

This picture.

Gain scented Febreze. 

The growing stockpile of diapers and baby wipes that's overtaking the floor of Remy's closet.

29 successful, totally uneventful weeks of pregnancy!

Doctor's appointments that include words like "perfect" and "textbook."

An eight year old son that will take awkward photos for you.

Three day weekends!




  1. SO PRETTY!!

    I love your Happy Things posts:)

  2. The boy takes a pretty good photo!



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