March 05, 2012

Spring Fever.

Like clockwork, the arrival of March also marks the arrival of my all-consuming spring fever.

I am so sick of coats and layers.

I am so sick of snow boots and sweaters and gloves.

I am so sick of inside days and bone chilling winds.

I miss sunshine and flowers and days spent on the front porch swing.

I spent 45 minutes browsing shades of yellow paint for our front door today. I caught myself gazing longingly at the maxi dresses tucked away at the back of my closet. 

I'm so over you, winter.

So completely over you.


24 long, agonizing days until we find out who has set up shop in my uterus.

Guesses anyone?

Boy or Girl


  1. Replies
    1. I've also been leaning towards girl but then the other night I had a dream that it was a boy!

  2. I'm calling girl!

    And yes, I am right there with you on the spring fever. Today was terribly, horribly, worse than any day in January cold, but tomorrow...TOMORROW is supposed to be 50 degrees. And then Wednesday is supposed to be 60. 60 degrees!!!!!! That's maxi dress weather, yes?

    1. Dude! 60 degrees is total 'maxi dress with a cute cardigan' weather!

  3. I bet girl! Didn't Owen say he wanted a sister named Elizabeth (or something like that)? I'm curious, would you go with the little guy's choice of name if it is a girl or is it not your favorite? =P



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