March 05, 2012


Let me take a moment and be a stereotypical whiny pregnant woman. 

I know that the all knowing "they" say that due to muscle memory, you will begin to show sooner with subsequent pregnancies.

But y'all.


I lost count of how many times this weekend that I accused le husband of impregnating me with the Jolly Green Giant.

I don't remember feeling this rotund until waaaaaaayyy later in my first three pregnancies. And I know it's not all in my head! I spent half of last night, dramatically sighing, trying to find a comfortable position, all while seriously considering just running to Wal-Mart at 3AM for fluffy pillows to help prop myself up.

And the round ligament pain? Oy. No joke. 


I'll be back later today with an actual post! Stay tuned!

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