March 12, 2012

Monday Mind Dump

It's been a long weekend. I don't mean that in a "siggghhhh..everything was terrible and everything hurt" sort of way. 

Quite the opposite. I mean it in a "siggggghhhh..this weekend was nearly perfect with a cherry on top" sort of way. Emphasis on the nearly. Le husband was away for the past five days. Without sounding like a giant baby, let's just say that I really missed his hairy face.


I took the kids out to lunch on Saturday and about 30 minutes into our meal, a lovely elderly gentleman and his wife stopped by our table on their way out to compliment the kids' good behavior.

I pretty much died on the spot.


To balance things out..
Since Sunday was basically glorious, I put my headache aside, loaded the kids up and drove them out to our favorite park where they promptly scared away two entire groups of children with their screaming and over the top rowdiness.

I wish I was kidding. 


Remy's been doing this new thing that makes me want to melt into a giant puddle of mush. Every time I open the car door to get him out of his seat, he looks up at me, gives me a sweet little smirk and says, "hi!"


I spent at least a half hour trying to talk myself out of going to a MOPS meeting today. I always do this. I complain about not having any close friends here. I get invited somewhere where I could potentially meet other like minded people and I come up with some lame excuse like needing to steam clean the dining room. Nope. I'm going to stop sabotaging. By the time all of you read this, I'll be awkwardly introducing myself to a room full of moms and hopefully not saying anything that may make everyone scream and run in the opposite direction of me.

So scratch the whole above statement. Either Owen is playing an Oscar-worthy game of hooky or I have a sick kid on my hands once again. Bummer.

Monday, Monday...


  1. Oh my, the photos from the park are just lovely. And you are a strong woman to fly solo for 5 days!! I do not blame you one bit for missing your hubs!

    Happy Monday, hope the week goes smoothly :)

  2. What great pics! I love those kind of gorgeous days!

  3. I do the same thing with MOPS. I just wish I could make a better connection with someone there. I bet I would if I went more regularly. Love those park photos.

  4. Love every one of these photos. And, don't feel badly, The Dudes have scared more than one well meaning, happily quiet family away from a place with their nuttiness. I try to tell myself it's just that their personalities are too awesome for other people to embrace without being jealous. I'm not convinced it's not just because they are annoying.



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