March 13, 2012

The promise of spring.

I grew up blissfully unaware of the wonder of spring. In south Louisiana, spring is just another word for summer. I remember sitting in my first grade classroom, learning the catchy little phrase.."April showers bring May flowers."

Even at seven years old, I thought that statement was a bit silly. In south Louisiana, flowers are already blooming in April. By May we're practically baking in 90 degree heat and any little sign of spring is long gone.

But not here. 

Pennsylvania does spring. And she does it gloriously. It may still be a little brown and gray outside, but the signs are there. The sweet signs of renewal and the slow crescendo from colorless to lush green are upon us.

And with it comes afternoons spent outside and letting my sweet Remy finally explore his surroundings without being stuffed into fourteen layers of clothing.


In other news, today I discovered that my dear youngest child is terrified of twigs.


Unrelated: I'm considering writing out my birth stories here for my children's sake. For those of you who would rather claw your eyes out than read that, I'll be sure to title them appropriately so that you can avoid. Okay? Okay!


  1. Yes! The anticipation that builds as the warmth overcomes the cold is so glorious. As much as winter wears on me, I really think it was the way I was meant to live. Constantly changing but always predictable.

    And I heart birth stories. Heart! Can't wait.

    1. Good! I'm working on them, but it'll probably take me eons to actually finish them. Ya know, kids and house and knocked up and stuff. ;)



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