January 10, 2012

Real Talk

First world problems.

A gaggle of garbage.

A spewing of mumbo jumbo.

I'm sitting here, propped up neatly beneath the covers of my bed, a laptop with a broken mouse balancing on my lap, an old episode of Glee on the TV serving as white noise, nursing a sore face from today's tooth extraction and waiting for that chocolate ice cream my husband promised me thirty minutes ago.

I'm tired. I'm hungry. My face is throbbing. And every fit of coughing has me two seconds from losing the little bit of dinner I was able to force down.

Really, I am a sight of loveliness. 


This time of year always has me a bit homesick. Usually we're in the midst of planning our annual Mardi Gras trip home right now, but we've decided to forego it this year. Other events are taking precedence (BABY #4!) But I really just want a slice (heck, the whole thing really!) of king cake and a huge tray of crawfish. 


Remy's nap schedule is completely screwed. Olivia has an attitude problem the size of the grand canyon. And Owen, well, I can't complain about Owen.


I received my first negative (and anonymous, of course!) comment on this blog a couple days ago. Not my first rodeo when it comes to people projecting their misery upon others via the internet. Comes with the whole territory of blogging. And big shocker, the comment was concerning the ever growing lump of cuteness in the belly. I wasn't going to acknowledge it, but they, whoever they are, had a semi-legitimate question.

Basically minus the derogatory nonsense, anonymous wanted to know why I felt it was necessary to announce my pregnancy as early as I did.

So let me tell you why, internet. 

I understand that a lot of people like to wait until after the first trimester to start spreading the word. Just in case something goes wrong. I respect that.

But you see, a long time ago, in Jessica got knocked up as a teenager land, there was a girl who instead of being excited about her impending bundle of joy, spent her days embarrassed of the situation she had gotten herself into. But once that girl held that five pound, nine ounce baby boy for the first time she realized how silly she was for feeling anything but absolute happiness and vowed that if she ever had anymore kids (LOL!) that she would shout it from the rooftops with joy.

So that's why. 

I truly think every pregnancy deserves to be celebrated. 
I just wished I would have known that eight years ago.


But really y'all..I just want some damn ice cream.


  1. "I truly think every pregnancy deserves to be celebrated."

    Amen. Amen. And can I get an Amen!

    I am the same way. We knew with Robert there was a chance the pregnancy wouldn't take, but I was just so damn excited, I wanted everyone to share in that joy. And what a joy he is!

    And what a joy your little one will be too.

  2. I seriously cannot believe that people are seriously saying negative things about you being pregnant! I never really understood why most people are soo concerned with how many kids others choose to have..I just don't see how it concerns them. I always believe that they are jealous..every negative thing they say just sounds like jealousy. I bet you that people are jealous that you have a beautiful home, a wonderful hard working man ( which is the reason why you are fortunate to stay home and raise your children ) and BEAUTIFUL children! That is why people are soo mean towards you, it's nothing but a cover up..it is their way to cover up their jealousy. I will be the 1st to admit that I admire you! Your kids are good looking...keep em coming! haha <3

  3. Who in the eff would ask you something like that? Can you say none of your beeswax?!! How nuts!! I wish I could send you a big ole king cake right now!! I saw this on Pinterest last night, not the same but a fun project for the kids:
    On a positive note, Geaux Saints!! What a game Saturday night, huh? Hang in there, mama, take care of that tooth and that baby and shout your news from the rooftops!!!

  4. agreed! you are making another human being. how amazing is that? congrats on the newest little one :)

  5. I never understand why people feel the need to leave nasty comments. If you don't agree with the post, or just don't like the damn content... leave. Why spend energy being negative?!

    It sounds like you're having a really tough week. I sincerely hope it gets better. And I love that you shared your happy news. It brought happiness to many I can assure you.

  6. Perhaps no one told them it was none of their damn business. If they don't want to know about your pregnancy, they might want to stop reading your blog.

    Congrats to you both and hopefully everything goes well!

  7. I always announced my pregnancies as soon as I knew for sure, and wouldn't do it any other way.

    One of my pregnancies ended in a heartbreaking miscarriage at 13 weeks. Since everyone already knew I was pregnant, they understood my immediate sadness and utter "funk" that I fell into. I don't know how I would've explained my general mood of sadness that I fell into if I had kept it a secret.

    Besides, people like to be there for you in times of sorrow and greatest joy. Why would we keep it to ourselves?

  8. Couldn't agree with Krystal's comment more. WE're excited for you!

  9. Right on to sing it loud and proud! I was this close to being pregnant and a teen and of the hush-hush embarrassment. Yuck. Shout it from the rooftops, I say!



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