January 16, 2012

IV Chronicles - {Week 10}


I'm 97% sure this will be my last pregnancy. 

That other 3 percent? Well, we're still young, fertile, and ya know sometimes accidents happen. 

But really, I think this may be it for us. Being pregnant is nonsense. And it doesn't get any easier with subsequent pregnancies. Chasing a one year old and helping an eight year old with his homework and being your five year old's own personal short order cook doesn't make gestating a human any easier. 

I remember back when I was expecting Owen, I'd clock out at my waitressing job, drive back to our tiny apartment, just collapse onto the sofa and become one with my TV. I thought I was so exhausted. 

That girl didn't know the definition of exhaustion.

Well this girl here knows that definition.

But let me tell you...don't mistake my exhaustion for regret. I am thankful for every day that I have with my littles. And even though this new creation is really kicking my butt, I am so grateful. For every single moment that I feel I'm going to lose my dinner all over the side of le husband's truck, I am reminded that my baby is growing bigger and stronger. 

So I'm starting the weekly IV Chronicles. 
It'll mostly be whining I'm sure. Followed by more whining. Some belly pictures thrown in. 
And more hormonal raging about food.



  1. i think it's funny how after each child you have a new idea of what "exhaustion" really is :) btw, you're a beautiful pregnant woman! congrats <3


  2. I'm so glad I am not the only one who felt like crap with their fourth. Though I am honestly sorry you do feel extreme exhaustion :) I think most people assume women who have more than two kids love being pregnant. It was very hard for me and each pregnancy got harder. My third was only six months old when I became pregnant with my fourth. But you are right, it is a blessing and something to be thankful for even if it is hard as crap.



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