January 18, 2012

Happy Things {v.9}

I'm eating a giant Wendy's bacon cheeseburger while typing this post. If that ain't a happy thing, I don't know what is.

This picture right here is a happy thing. Baby derp face and my uber-sexy pajama pant/fake Ugg boot ensemble.

Having my mom here allowed me to go help out in Olivia's classroom today sans Remy. I loved seeing that she has teachers that are passionate about what they do. That's most definitely a happy thing.

I was an idiot, slacker parent who somehow managed to let her kid burn his hand on her flat iron this morning. That is most definitely not a happy thing.

(I'm still groveling at the poor child's feet.)

And you know what's a really, really happy thing?

Friends that will send you a little slice of home. Just because.



  1. Aww, what sweet friends!


  2. Yay! Your cake made it! I hope baby #4 enjoys! :)



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