December 07, 2011

Want to Hear God Laugh?

You know the old saying.

Wanna hear God laugh, tell him your plans.

Like the time eight years ago when I was ecstatic about the scholarship I had earned to UL-Lafayette. I was counting down the days until I could move into my dorm and start college life. And BOOM. Two little lines steered my life in a completely different direction.

Similar to the time, after two years of balancing college and motherhood and getting married, I had finally completed my prerequisites to start applying for the clinical portion of nursing school. BOOM. Two little lines changed that too.

But I wouldn't change these turn of events for any amount of money, prestige, or letters behind my name.

So I shouldn't have been surprised that just a month after le husband and I, on the long drive home from Louisiana, came to the decision that maybe we shouldn't have any more kids...BOOM. Two little lines.

Ready or not, here comes baby #4!


  1. Oh my goodness!!!! Congratulations!!! What a blessing, I am so happy for you! The best things in life are usually unplanned!

  2. Girl.... I don't think you should keep doing that thing that causes babies anymore if you plan to have no more children after this one..... b/c I don't think you have trouble getting a "bun in the oven".... just a thought!.... kidding.... I think 4 is a PERFECT number...and if my babies turn out looking as cute as yours do then I'll have four as well! Congrats to you and John Marshall Scott Helm...bring on the beutiful bundle I know is cooking inside you!

  3. This news makes me so happy. Congratulations on your newest little blessing! All my best to your family:)

  4. Congrats! Thats the way it happened to us. After Baby girl 1 we decided that was it and 6 months later we were preggers with baby girl 2. Four is wonderful and difficult. Best of Luck!

  5. YAY!!!!! I am so happy for you all. Congratulations!!!

  6. Oh my gosh, I love this blog. I haven't had time to do it very often, but I've started as well. You've been an inspiration! LOL, you and two of my friends. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I very much admire you. Hope you're feeling well during this first trimester (or hopefully it's almost over)!
    Lacey Sims

  7. Better late than never: congratulations! Any child born into a loving family like yours is lucky.
    Also: ignore the dumbasses that tell you four kids is too much or it's too soon after Remy. I have 3 siblings and I turned out okay. My sister is only a year younger than me, and it created a very special and strong bond between the two of us.



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