December 05, 2011

Manic Monday {v.1}

I've seen this meme going around and I like it. 

So I'm jumping in!

Obsessing Over: How I Met Your Mother! I get into these weird patterns with television where I won't really watch anything for a while and then I'll find a new show to obsess over. I'll spend a really, really sad amount of time catching up on five, six, seven seasons of a show. But seriously..who is the damn mother?! Who is she?! And why can't I have Robyn's hair?! 

Working On: Putting the finishing touches on a photo session, budgeting, and I just finished my nightly house clean up.

Thinking About: The brownies baking in my oven. They need to be finished. NOW.

Anticipating: The weekend. Payday. Christmas. My appointment with the oral surgeon on Friday. (Super fun! Not.)

Listening To: Olivia banging on the piano keys, whining about everything a five year old girl would whine about. John listening to music on his laptop. Owen stomping around upstairs (gotta love old, squeaky floored houses!) 

Drinking: Butter toffee coffee

Wishing: For my bed.

Good night and Happy Monday! :-)


  1. yay for brownies! Good luck on Friday

  2. Love this.....stealing it......stay tuned for a similar message on my blog!! much love, jess!....oh and my hubby's cousin was on How I Met your Mother.... he is apparently at the end of an episode and is supposed to be a gay guy who comes out the bathroom stall at the end in a restaurant or something?

  3. I like this sweet post, I've seen others do it, I may "steal" it?! It was fun to read!!! New follower from Moments of a Libra!



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