December 17, 2011

Friday Photo Dump

On a Saturday.

It's glaringly obvious, based on the lack of Instagramming I've been doing, that I'm not feeling so wonderful lately.

Shortly before finding out about #4, I was having some dental issues and discovered I needed a couple teeth extracted ASAP. Unfortunately, the oral surgeon doesn't want to risk doing any sort of procedure on a newly pregnant woman, no matter how minor. So I'm stuck in limbo until I reach my second trimester. I appreciate his concern, but I'm in pain. I can't take anything other than the occasional tylenol and the two things that are necessary for life, eating and sleeping, are becoming increasingly difficult. If y'all could spare a prayer that would be appreciated. 

Fortunately, I get to kiss this little face every day. I'm still in awe that John and I managed to create this blue-eyed babe. I wonder if the next one will look like him. Or if Remy will continue to stick out like a sore thumb in our family pictures.

It's mid-December and we have yet to have any snow. If this were February, I'd be celebrating. But snow is the one thing I absolutely love about Christmas in PA. I mean, look at what our first Christmas in this house looked like.

It's just been so damn mild around here. Usually this time of year there is a steady line of snow shower after snow shower. I'm concerned that mother nature is saving it up. And we're going to be buried under 8 feet of snow come February.

My mother-in-law mentioned that this photo reminds her so much of John as a baby. I agree.

Half of my heart.


Sorry if this whole post reads as a laundry list of complaints. All crap aside, life is especially sweet.


Every year, Owen's school puts on a Santa's workshop for the kids to buy little presents for their family. I sent Owen to school with a five dollar bill and he came home with a school bag full of little trinkets for us. He, of course, couldn't wait until Christmas for us to open them. Imagine my confusion when he pulled a small package out of his school bag that was addressed to an "Elisabeth." 

Me: Who the heck is Elisabeth?

Him: The new baby, silly.

Me: Owen, we don't know what it is yet.

Him: Well, I want a little sister for Olivia and I want to name her Elisabeth. 

I just adore that boy.


Have a great weekend!


  1. Owen seems so genuinely sweet. I only met him once, but those were my first thoughts of him. I'm so glad that trait is sticking hard.

  2. What a sweet big brother!!! Seriously tugs at your heart! Hope you feel better soon!!



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