December 19, 2011

The Past Few

We had Owen's birthday party over the weekend. By we, I mean the bowling alley had Owen's party. We just showed up and supplied the food. 

I didn't get one single, solitary picture of the birthday boy. 

But I did manage to eat my weight in birthday cake and almost an entire pepperoni pizza.

Related: I'm four pounds heavier today than I was last Monday.


I had a really tough time getting Owen up for school today. The usual poking and prodding and softly calling his name up the stairs quickly turned into me stomping up the steps yelling like a drill sergeant, threatening to take away all joy and laughter.

The kid still wouldn't couldn't get his eyes to stay open. I declared to le husband that our dear, precious first born must be getting sick and we couldn't possibly make the poor child go to school.

After letting him sleep be completely dead to the world until noon, the truth was finally revealed. After we all went to bed, he stayed up watching The Grinch and Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer. By my calculations he was up until 3AM.

My name is Jessica and I was duped by an eight year old. 


It was a mad rush out the door to get all of us to Owen's karate awards ceremony on time this evening. As soon as I buckled a smiley Remy in his car seat, he proceeded to barf up an entire sippy cup of milk. At the very same moment, le husband, buckling Olivia in, discovers that somewhere between the back door of the house and the truck, she found a giant mud puddle and was now happily sporting splashes of brown all over her pants. 

We were quite a sight....and scent.

And I forgot the camera. 

And my iPhone was dead.

But Owen earned another stripe for his yellow belt and Remy miraculously learned to clap tonight.


Happy Monday y'all...

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