November 16, 2011

WIHWW {v.4}

Oh y'all. Can I just say that doing these little weekly installments of what I'm actually wearing has been somewhat sad. Wednesdays are obviously not a fly day for me. This Wednesday? Owen's sick and my house reeks of Lysol. And for the love of all things holy, I am wearing yoga pants today.

In public.

More disturbing? The super comfortable, torn up fake Ugg like boots I'm sporting.

Oh and let's not forget that I'm wearing a Mardi Gras shirt.

In November.

Best part of this picture? Olivia banging on the window, yelling at me through the window to fix her some lunch.

I hope this sad picture helps someone out there to feel better about their wardrobe choices today. You're welcome!

:-) <3


  1. Thank you for being real :) I love it! My family has been sick lately and this is very similar what I've worn on a daily around here..and Olivia banging on the window cracks me up!

  2. Found you through another blog and love this idea. I was just saying the other day how silly I thought What I wore Wednesday is, and yes on most Wednesdays I am wearing Yoga pants, fake Uggs no makeup and spit up. I may have to partake in the WIHWW, and I would totally have the kid banging on the window for some lunch too!!
    p.s. I am a Jess with an oldest named Owen :)



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