November 14, 2011


I'm still playing catch up. I was supposed to post this little ditty on Thursday night. I was supposed to have ten images to share with y'all. But I was unfortunately struck by the jaw pain of death. So, here we are. Four days late and three images short. 

Early morning. 5 AM. My favorite time of day. The house is so still. It's just me, a cup of coffee, my laptop, and a comfortable sofa.

Early morning cuddles with the girl. As sweet as she can be, Olivia is a dictator when she wakes up in the morning. Before her little feet even hit the bottom step of the staircase, she's demanding (DEMANDING!) to be fed. And she cries, oh she cries. "It's cold! It's hot! I don't want biscuits! Where's my milk? Tell Remy to stop looking at me! ((sob))" And then she demands cuddles. I don't mind that part so much, ya know?

Big brother joins us for breakfast. He's not as cranky as his little sis. 

Liv and I love detouring down back roads on the way to school. I complain about a lot things about this little town, but the scenery isn't one of them. There are so many windy, narrow strips of asphalt that cut through the hills and valleys of the surrounding areas. I will never get tired of finding new ones. It's the little things, yes?

After school kisses from Chicory. I shot this through the storm door while waiting for Owen to get off the bus. Right around the time the jaw plague swept through.

Leaving for dancing class with Suzy the damn Webkin in hand. 


And that's it. Total let down, I know. I shall try again next time when I'm 100%. And where was Remy? I swear he was around. Though the events of that day are pretty clouded, I'm 97% sure I didn't lock him a closet. 



Happy Monday!!


  1. These shots are all so lovely and a beautiful look into your life. I'm a sucker for a winding country road!

  2. LOVE that road photo - so beautiful!



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