November 16, 2011

Happy Things {v.5}

Because I think it's imperative to acknowledge the good in my life, the sometimes little (and BIG) things that are putting a smile on my face even when life isn't particularly outstanding. 

Happy Little Things

Chocolate chip cookies

Le husband taking charge of planning our Thanksgiving feast.

"Some big kid called me a tool. I was like...excuse me? Do I look like a hammer to you?" - Owen (His innocence is adorable.)

Remy, little by little, learning to stand on his own.

Not missing home Louisiana so much. I'm blown away at how much this little town is starting to feel like home. This subject deserves a post of its own really.

The smell of Remy's hair after a bath.

The custom chalkboard le husband made for me for no reason at all.

Introducing Olivia to all of my country favorites. (She gave Johnny Cash a thumbs up!)

Two courageous ladies (that I feel so privileged to know) kicking cancer's ass.

Chicken and dumplings.

Dental insurance.


Happy Wednesday, y'all...


  1. Hey, I'm a new follower, I love this post!



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