November 22, 2011


I am thankful...for my parents. Parents who taught me what a happy, realistic marriage looks like. Parents that went out of their way to kiss each other goodbye every morning. Parents that taught us the value of a dollar and the importance of integrity. Parents that taught me that children are blessings, not little burdens.

I am thankful...for le husband. His smile. His culinary prowess. The way he can brighten my day with just a hug. 

I am thankful...for my children. For their health, their smiles, and the whirlwind of chaos they create. I am thankful for every single cell of them. 

I am thankful...for extended family, friends, and blogger friends who have gone beyond the call of duty for my family. I'm paying it forward, I promise.

I am thankful...for what seems to be the end of my "photographer's block." Fingers crossed.

I am thankful...for the roof over my head, even if it sprung a leak earlier today.

I am thankful...for second chances.

I am always have enough.

Happy early Thanksgiving, y'all! Let the eating commence!

1 comment:

  1. I found your blog through bloghur and am a new follower. Loving the photos and the gratitude list. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Let the eating commence, indeed!



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