November 22, 2011

Snot Face

We've been up since four. Four in the freaking morning.

Remy woke with a face full of snot and a cranky 'tude. Just in time for the holidays. 

Speaking of, I think we're actually going to use our formal dining room for Thanksgiving this year. And by think, I mean that I'm going to command everyone away from the TV, tie them down to my dining room chairs and force them to smile about it. Anything would be better than last year's ham fiasco. (We were super excited to try this new ham recipe. It called for a whole ham and I accidentally bought a spiral ham. It was error of epic proportions. By the time we had realized my mistake, all the stores were closed. We ended up eating a Thanksgiving meal of side dishes in front the TV.)


Olivia must have gotten the memo about the snot party going on downstairs and decided to join us.

And then hid under a blanket, yelled at her brother and demanded breakfast. 

She's especially lovely like that.


I just looked up from my laptop to see that Remy has passed out in his highchair and Liv is once again tucked into a ball on the floor, softly snoring. 

More pancakes for me, suckers!


  1. Try Mucinex, it has saved us this past week!!! Hope they feel better soon! And I love his pajamas, sweet little boy:)

  2. Hahaha, I love this. Just randomly came across your blog. I love it - you're hilarious! This post just makes me ache to have little toddler monsters running around.... ha. Hopefully they start to feel better soon!



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