November 13, 2011


So, I'm really behind on blogging. I apologize. The past few days have been rough. Very rough, but I'm alive!

I very suddenly became stricken with excruciating mouth and jaw pain Thursday evening. So excruciating that my Friday began with me driving myself to the ER well before the sun came up. So excruciating that I had to do something that I have never had to do in nearly eight years of parenting. 

I had to call le husband home from work because I couldn't take care of the kids. 

Thankfully, he never missed a beat, came home, and took over for me while I waited for antibiotics and pain meds to kick in. Though I'm still dealing with painful, swollen lymph nodes and fatigue, I'm finally starting to feel human again. 

Hats off to le husband who managed to keep this well-oiled machine of a house going, though he admitted that he does have a new respect for what I do and he would like for me to never, ever get sick again. 

Ha. That man.

He's thirty today. THIRTY!

He was barely able to drink legally when I first laid eyes on him, driving around in that black jeep, never up to ANY good. I'll never forget that boy. But I much prefer the man he's become.

(How adorable was he!)


You are forever my favorite. My best friend. There's no one else I'd rather drink a beer with at the end of the day. And even though you are a bed hog, I'm grateful that I get to lay my head next to yours every night. Happy birthday, you old man. I love you.


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  1. You already know I'm a creeper. But I was actually about to get on your page today and see if you were doing ok. My Jess senses were tingling haha. I'm sorry you're dealing with pain. I know what that's like. Thomas had to take a day off too before I had my wisdom tooth taken out. No fun. But I'm so glad John was able to be there for you. Happy birthday to him!!! And I hope you get to feeling 100% soon, love<3



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