October 26, 2011

WIHWW {v.2} & Happy Things {v.3}

I'd like to introduce you to what I normally look like on a day to day basis. This my one step above yoga pants look.

Comfortable jeans, comfortable shoes, comfortable shirt, coffee mug.

This is a total Monday outfit. Mondays around here are reserved for housework and laundry and all the absolutely dreaded things that make this house go 'round. So comfort is definitely the name of the game. 

Also, I'd like to note that my neighbor busted me taking this picture of myself shortly after this was taken. Awwwwkward.

Shirt- Target

Jeans- Target

Shoes- Journey's?? 
Maybe, I don't know. They're chucks, okay?


Happy Things this week:

Early morning phone session with my favorite New York state resident.

My golden birthday tomorrow! 27 on the 27th!

Friday night dinner date with le husband.

Watching Remy grin ear to ear in his sleep.

Steam cleaners and the wonderful things they do for my floors.

The power of prayer and persistence. <3

Olivia's Lady Gaga car dancing.

Splitting bags of M&M's with this lady.

Happy Wednesday!

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