October 25, 2011

Tuesday Packing Blues

I'm tired.

Like stare off into space, zoned out, want to do nothing but stare at the TV, tired. Packing as light as humanly possible for 5 people and a dog is such a chore. 

You heard that right.

We're bringing the dog. On a 19 hour roadtrip. It was obviously le husband's idea. Le husband will obviously be the one cleaning up the dog pee that's bound to end up on the backseat.

No post is really complete without a picture so have these poor quality web cam photos from last week.

Hope Tuesday is treating y'all well!



  1. Good luck!!! Where are yall going? Someplace fun I hope!!! Safe travels and hopefully no dog pee!

  2. And I thought packing for three was hard.. I hear ya! Well, at least you'll get a nice break once you're at where ever you're going. Hope you have a nice vacation!!!



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