October 24, 2011

Boys: They Smell

He is such a boy.


He smells funny. His room smells like a puppy dog. He leaves candy wrappers on his freshly washed sheets. He hates fixing his hair. He hates taking a shower. He gets a kick out of peeing outside. He cannot dress himself without looking absurd. He cannot stay clean for more than a two hour stretch. I swear he does something every single day that reminds me of my brothers growing up. 

One day he's going to tower over me. That thought makes me smile.

Though he'll most likely still like peeing outside. 


I love having them. Even if they do smell a little gross.


  1. This is SOOO true...I feel ya! I have 3 of them and man o man did you just describe my household

  2. We are going to try for #3 next year, Shawn still hasn't given up on the idea of a boy. Poor thing, he would be so outnumbered with all the pink here! I love this photo, such a handsome boy!

  3. I have a baby boy on the way. I am looking forward to savoring every last second of his short-lived, innocent baby cleanliness!

    Haha, this is such an essence-of-boy photo, though. Bare feet, manly pose, marvel poster...Nice.

  4. They totally smelll! My son just turned 9 and suddenly he has that "locker room" smell when he comes back from soccer practice. I kind of mourn that little boy smell, but at the same time I also smile about how grown up he's getting.



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