September 15, 2011


Because I'm tired. So tired that I can't be bothered to actually write. 

Coffee Thursdays with my friend Amy and her little man A.J. are quickly becoming my favorite day of the week. 

Remy is becoming such a garbage disposal of a baby. He will eat ANYTHING. And everything. Including my end tables. And pancakes. The boy can put down some blueberry pancakes.

I've learned a lot about Olivia in the past few weeks since school has started. Such as her being very, very soft-hearted. I don't want to talk about it or I'll cry. 

I have no idea who she could have inherited such a trait from.

I can't bring Remy anywhere. People fawn all over him. From big tough burly men to sweet little old ladies. He wins people over everywhere he goes. He's just such a little hunk of sunshine.

I wish I could sleep like this. Mid-pancake. 

Good. Night. <3


  1. Oh Kiara is soft hearted too, and I was wondering where she gets it from. Now I know Nanny Jess. Remy is so precious. His eyes are so big, blue and cute. Keep writing this is the book I can't put down.

  2. I know Olivia has lighter hair, but did all the kids have such blonde hair as babies? Daire and I both had hair that blonde when we were kids.

  3. @krystal the older kids did NOT have lighter hair, though John was super blonde as a baby, as was his mom, my mom, and two of my brothers. Still shocks me to have such a fair baby, though. :)



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