September 16, 2011

Friday Photo Dump

Ahhh, Friday. No celebration here. It's just like any other day of the week. Except that it's acceptable for me to drink a couple glasses of wine after it's all said and done. 

And can we talk about how quickly the days are flying by lately? I blink and BOOM it's Friday. I blink again and BOOM it's Wednesday. Oy.

Busy. Busy. Busy.  

This week's photo dump:
Father/son gadget/bonding time. Halloweenie! On the move. Impatient Olivia. Child labor. Pout mouth babe. Fried chicken. GPOY. Sweet potato face. Nom. Can't be contained. Booday face. Flapjacks. Morning snuggles. Too big. Ninjagram of the hubs. GPOY lamenting errands. Construction traffic.

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