September 14, 2011

Spare a Favor?

Hey y'all! I feel pretty silly asking but...

See that little 'Top Mommy Blogs' animated button? Would you mind clicking it?

That's it. No entry blanks to fill out. No registration. All you have to do is point your little mousy there and BOOM. With a little click, your vote is counted. Remy says if you click he'll pay you all with smiles and slobbery kisses.


(End shameless self-promotion)


  1. I have already, but i'll do it again if you go over to my tumblr and click mine!

  2. I clicked it! Just as a heads up though, your ranking might be slipping because of your address change. It took me a few days (and some stalking of your twitter/instagram, sorry) to find your new site! Maybe you could make a blog on your old address just to say "hey, I'm over here now." Just a tip :)



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