September 17, 2011

Nearly Naked Pizza

Father/Daughter time. It's important.

I vividly remember my Dad taking me to the movies one weekend when I was a child. Just me and him. My mom and brothers were away at Boy Scout camp (I think?) and we had a whole weekend, just the two of us. I don't know why that weekend stands out so much to me. I even remember what I wore. And I remember how I felt. Special. Happy. Adored. Cherished. I've always felt so blessed to have my Dad. A real Dad. A Dad who I know loves me. A Dad who I know would give the shirt off his back to make me happy. 

Olivia has one of those, too. I tried my best to stay in the background today as they shared a little bit of Father/Daughter time, making pizza.

Today, more than ever, I just want to freeze time. 

Remember you can never hug the ones you love too much.



  1. I'm with you on the freezing time part. I would even settle for slow-mo, but it seems as we are stuck on warp speed.

    Precious pictures, as always!

  2. Livie is so precious! This was too funny! Luv y'all MOM

  3. Like the second to last photo... "Omg, can we eat the pizza already!?"

  4. I absolutely love this entire post! I remember GREAT moments growing up including me and my dad. It's so special - these photos look so fun!!!

    Stopping by via FTLOB :)

  5. Love this! And I can totally relate- there's nothing better than seeing my husband playing with our daughters, because I can see how loved they feel! Also, these pictures are too cute for words!

    Stopping by from Comment Love Day!

  6. Sounds like you had an amazing dad and how fabulous that your daughter can experience the same thing! I agree that father/daughter time is sooooo important. I really like mother/son time as well. :)

    What a sweet memory Olivia has created and how much her mommy must love her to document the whole experience so she can remember.

    OH, and I'm really loving the fleur-di-lis in your kitchen! Stopping by from comment love day :)


  7. adorable! and the pizza looks delish too!

    stopping by from ftlob! have a great sunday!


  8. Those are really priceless daddy&princess moments. I am sure these photos will also create great memories! I am coming over from the comment blog love so I just wanted to say hello. btw - that header photo is wonderful!!!

  9. That is beyond cute! :) I have a great relationship with my dad. It's a beautiful thing a relationship a daughter can have with her father.

    & man, that pizza sure does look good!!

    (visiting from FTLOB :)

  10. You are so good at taking pictures! I got a new digital camera at Christmas and I have been having a great time with it!:) This is such a touching post. I am glad you had a great relationship with your dad and your daughter is now having the same experience. I lost my father when I was only 13 years old but he was a wonderful father. I am a new Follower from IT'S COMMENT LOVE DAY.

  11. I LOVE this...and I WANT YOUR CHILDREN!! sooo freaking cute! Love the "almost naked-ness" and don't forget the apron!! ... a MUST! so sweet!



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