September 18, 2011

Good News, Bad News

Good news: The Saints beat the Bears! (And I managed to make a damn good shrimp stew!)

Bad news? 

Remy is completely not himself today. Crying, clingy, whiny, and slightly feverish. 

I bit the bullet and had to give him some tylenol so he could settle down for a nap.

I can count the number of times he's had medication on three fingers. 

I do believe we're in for a long night.


  1. aw, gee, poor little guy! hope he gets well soon.

  2. Hope he feels better soon! We were happy here since the Packers came back and totally kicked Panthers butt!

  3. Your baby is precious. I hope he feels better soon!

  4. Ok, I'm totally jealous of your mad photo skills and I love how you weave a story in a few sentences!



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