August 03, 2011

Paging HGTV

I should really be sleeping. Remy slept a grand total of 45 minutes today between 7AM and 9PM. I am zonked, exhausted, tired. All of the above. But my mind is racing so.....

Welcome to my super fancy foyer. You have to say it with the long A. Super classy.

It's currently being used as a doggy room/storage/catch all area.

We're not going to talk about my sad attempt to temporarily furnish my foy-yayyy.

This room has been "undone" for nearly two years. 

Spring before last, I primed the walls.

Last summer, my dad kindly redid the floors.

This summer, the walls got painted.

At this rate, this tiny little room at the front of my house will be complete in 2013!

Just kidding. I'm ready to light a fire under my butt and get this thing 100% done. So what better way to hold myself accountable than to announce it to the internet. 

I do declare, internet, that I will complete this room (trim paint, decor, etc. etc) in the next 7....scratch that...14 days. 

Really, y'all..check out that fantastic window. Best dang window I ever did see!

What a sad room.

Even Chicory concurs.

August 17th. Mark my words, it will be finished. 


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