August 04, 2011

The Puppy Training Blues

That's probably not the best title to give this entry. I wouldn't say we have the blues, more like the puppy training yellows. Yellow being the magical color that keeps appearing under the piano and dining room table. 

I managed to capture some pretty great shots of our day, but unfortunately y'all can't see them because my memory card bit the dust. After a slight panic attack and a couple of not so kind words, I sort of got over it. But in happier news, me and my little can of Spot Shot are becoming the best of friends. 

Here's a couple that I managed to salvage. 

This sad looking horse has been Olivia's favorite toy since, well, forever. The kids gave him a haircut of sorts a couple years back, which explains the lack of flowing locks. 

Yellow puddles, teething babies, and bored kiddies, oh my. This Momma needs a nap. Stat.

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