August 03, 2011

Letters to Them

(The second in an ongoing series. You can read the first one here.)

Dear Owen, Livi, and Remy,

So, in today's installment of "Mom's ego writes you a letter" we're going to delve even further into the cliche thoughts that sometimes pop up in your mother's head.

Be good.

Sounds simple enough, right? Sometimes the simple stuff requires the most effort and thought.
A couple examples of "being good":

Respecting your elders.
Holding doors open for people. Not just women. 
Saying thank you when it's appropriate.
Not treating that kind of crappy server like crap. 
Putting the cart back into the cart corral at the grocery.
Smiling at strangers.
Using kind words. (Yes, I'm aware that mom needs to work on this.)
Calling just to say hi and I love you.
Being respectful of other people's beliefs even if you don't necessarily agree with them.

Basically, for lack of a better description, don't be a butt. I'd use that other word that starts with an A, but I'm trying to use kind words. (See what I did there?) 

Don't let anyone tell you that kindness is equivalent to weakness. Example: Your Granny, Nana, and PawPaw. Three of the most kind people anyone could ever be so lucky to meet. But weak? No way. Not in a million years. 

So, be good and do not, under any circumstances, be a butt. 


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