March 05, 2013

spit covered brownies.

Just a few minutes ago, while contemplating all the reasons why I haven't had a free second to blog in oh, three weeks, I hear Remy screaming from the kitchen. And then I hear my six year old's voice..

"Oh, stop crying and just eat it already, Remy!"

More toddler screaming.

Then an angry Remy appears in the living room and proceeds to dump a bowl of spit-covered mashed up brownies on the floor at my feet.

Grunts something something about "more juuuuuice." and then eats the half digested brownies.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this other than to say that kids are kind of gross.


I've been thinking way too much about blogging lately and not doing enough actual blogging. I read a lot of blogs (understatement.) And after I'm done reading all these wonderfully written, well thought out blog posts by all these folks who are 1000x more organized, well dressed, more...just insert any adjective really..I can't help but just sulk in the corner and be all, "I'm not a cool kid." Then 1998 calls and demands their piss poor adolescent attitude back. 


I'm going to stick a picture in here because this is supposed to be a picture blog but it seems that taking pictures has taken a back seat to wiping snotty noses these past few weeks.

(Taken on this day exactly one year ago.)


  1. We'll still be here for those days when you do have a few seconds in your super-mom life to roll out a post, at least I will be! Your blog is one of my faves.


  2. I've been following your story since I stumbled across your old tumblr to find a picture of you barefoot in the kitchen. Your love story with your husband and the bond you share with your kids is amazing. You capture these beautiful moments with them in your pictures. I laughed with a sense of understanding when you praised your husband for bringing you home a fountain coke. I'll keep reading, even if you only post every few weeks. Thank you for putting yourself out there.

  3. I love your blog! but I can totally relate and haven't.blogged in who knows how long.



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