March 06, 2013

Rosie {7 months + a few}

My sweet, sweet Rosie..or as Remy like to call her..Row-eeee. Time's a flying with her. 

She's decided that she is no longer content to just sit. She wants to crawl. And she tries...and tries...and cries...and tries.

She really is such a good baby. And that's not just me being her mom. She is content with life as long as she is within view of her brothers and sister. 

She loves to babble and that little tongue is constantly sticking out of her mouth.

Those eyes! Those pretty blue eyes just about do me in.

She has the funniest little deep, raspy laugh.

I can't believe we've already rounded the bend towards her first birthday. Unreal.

Cherishing every moment. 


  1. She's so precious, beautifully taken photos! I'm always in aww of your work.

  2. Beautiful. So beautiful. These pictures really are gems.

  3. Such a beautiful little blessing. Sending some hugs her way! <3 :o)

  4. Beautiful photos, fantabulous baby. You are awesome, friend!

  5. These photos made my morning. Such little beauties you have:)

  6. So beautiful! And those eyelashes!



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