March 08, 2013

7 Quick Takes.

Linking with the perpetually pregnant Jen this week!


1. So I was supposed to go see my doctor and have my first ultrasound last week. But my dear, dear husband had to cancel on coming home to watch the little kids at the last minute. And I had to reschedule. I tried, really tried to not be unreasonable, (hello hormones!) but having to delay that appointment another week seemed like complete torture. 

2. But, not so surprisingly, the weeks sort of fly when you're taking care of four little people.

3. Baby #5 is growing right on target and is looking quite bobblehead-ish and adorable with a heartrate of 169bpm. I was 100% correct about my dates and am officially due October 5th. Which means two summers in a row of being pregnant in a house without central A/C. I apologize in advance for any posts made in July.

4. Owen and Olivia are really into trying to name the yet to be known child. On their list of possible names for their newest sibling/subject of torture: 

Boy: Bob, Steve, Doug

Girl: Olivia the second

They must think I'm going to give birth to a middle aged man. Obviously, their lists need some work. 

5. In sad news, I have yet to be badgered by any girl scouts to buy cookies this year. Not a single one. I'm so disappointed. And so hungry for thin mints.

6. Owen put the agony of last year's defeat behind him and competed in his karate school's annual tournament last weekend. Dude won first place in his division!

7. 10 weeks-ish bumpage for good measure.

It's the freakin' weekend!


  1. Laughed out loud for #4 and the middle aged man comment! You look awesome, hope you're feeling well.

  2. I need some gs cookies too! haven't seen anyone at our grocery stores or knocking on my doors....slackers this year!

  3. Cute tummy shot!! Congrats again!

  4. Bless your heart! I'm still cooking baby boy #2 & hoping we make it to 3 babies before I wave my white flag.
    You are a stunning writer & amazing Mama. No doubt you have this all in the bag! Keep the humour up too. :)

    I'll be reading because i sure as hell wont be blogging myself (haven't touched the "publish" button in years). Maybe that day will come where i'll be inspired again..... maybe.

  5. I LOVE the baby names!! How in the world do you get so many people to comment on your blog.....I barely think anyone reads mine! HA

    My guess is that baby #5 is girl!!

    I think you should let it be a surprise......its fun!! c'mon girl!




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