January 22, 2013

Three & Four

To think, if we would have listened to what "conventional wisdom" and the media and our peers said, we would have stopped at two. I'm grateful that His plan is far superior to anything I could ever dream up.


I know this video has been all over the internets in the past month, but I'm re-posting it for any of my readers who haven't seen it. I totally ugly cried.

ILikeAdoption. {click.}


  1. Brb, dying of cute. Do the world a favour and make more kids.

  2. His plan is a purposeful and powerful one. I love your big family and I look forward to watching y'all grow in love and strength!!

    1. Thanks Liv! I love your family too and have watched in such awe of the grace and strength y'all have shown in the past 6 months. <3



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