January 21, 2013

Oh look, a photo dump.

So, I haven't done one of these in a while. These are all taken in the last two weeks and as always my Instagram username is looksnaplove. 

I made the grave mistake of deviating from my two loads of laundry every single day without fail routine and ended up with a pile of laundry larger than my two year old. Just because the idea of not doing laundry sounds wicked awesome, doesn't make it wicked awesome when you're going on hour two of folding and sorting. Just so you know.

The past week has been full of back and forth and praying and researching. We're very strongly considering sending the older kids to the only local Catholic school. It would be a whole lot easier to decide if we didn't already love the public school they're attending. It would also be a whole lot easier to decide if money magically began growing on trees. Just saying. This picture is from an early morning researching costs session.

Remy thinks everything is community property, including his little sister's head wear.

I lost Remy in the house the other day. I found him barricaded in his brother's closet taking a massive poop. You're welcome.

Just. look. at. those. chunky. thighs!

Lots of family time lately. Pulling back from extracurriculars and spending more time as a unit. 

Ahhh..making sugar cookies last week with my little sous chef. 

Do you have a pair of jeans that you just can't toss out? Jeans that are forgiving and comfortable and so worn you have to be careful of how you pull them for fear they will shred into pieces? No? Just me? 

He's looking so grown up lately. And talking like a five year old. It's blowing my mind.

Oh look, one of few times Remy's not in the naughty corner!

Owen likes to break dance. That's if break dancing means flailing his arms in the air and somewhat doing the Charleston and then throwing himself on the floor and doing a somersault. It's amazing and I need to record it for future blackmail.

Le husband will do almost anything to make us laugh, so he shaved himself a mustache. Olivia is terrified of said mustache and could barely look at him over the entire weekend. This didn't stop le husband from kissing all over her face to just to see her squirm. Olivia then caught a stomach virus and claimed that "I threwed up 'cause I'm allergic to mustaches!" The more you know.

Remember all that nonsense about cutting my hair? Well, I woke up Saturday morning feeling pretty brave. So I went and chopped it all off.

And I love it.

The end.


  1. Husband's mustache is awesome, and your hair is beautiful! Always enjoy photo dumps.

  2. Fun post!! I love the hair cut! It looks fantastic!

    1. Thanks Joy! I'm still getting used to it!

  3. We are doing the same over here re: schools. We are homeschooling kindergarten this year because we didn't want to pull him/change schools when we moved. We know he's ready to go for first grade, but I just don't know what to do. I had every intention of squirreling the money away for Catholic school, but supposedly the public school here is AMAZING! I've been doing tons and tons of praying...trying to make the best decision for him is so hard! :)

    1. Ugh! I know the feeling..I feel like my kids' education should be the last place that I'm frugal, but ya know...money doesn't grow on trees or even on bushes. :|

  4. Hi! I'm Sarah :) And, um, I'm totally taking your haircut photos to my stylist.

    Also, your husband's mustachiness is making me laugh, probably because my husband cannot, for the dear sweet life of him, grow facial hair. Nice to meet'ya!

    1. Hi Sarah! Feel free! I actually got it cut at all places...Mastercuts (gasp!) I just couldn't take the mop for one second longer !

      Nice to meet you too! :)



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