January 06, 2013

The itch.

This morning, while getting ourselves and our kids dressed for Mass, le husband, while throwing on a sweater, asks me to scratch his back.

Me: What? Where?

Him: All over. I'm itchy.

I obliged because I was in an especially nice mood this morning, which has everything to do with the two tall cups of coffee I consumed before he even rolled out of bed.

Him: No. Wait. Now my leg itches. (insert me glaring at him) Oh God, I think it's a seven year itch!

Me: You're a jackass.


Le husband's got jokes, y'all. 

I try to not overly romanticize our relationship, but I will hands down declare that despite all the obstacles thrown our way this past year (and believe me, there were LOTS) our marriage is stronger than ever. I love him. I just...love him. Even when I don't think he deserves it. And he loves me. Even when I certainly don't deserve it. 

Itch? What itch?

I want to be boring with you forever, babe. Happy 7th anniversary..

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