January 04, 2013

No, not those Saints.

There's a lot of thing I should be doing at the moment.

Making lunches, mostly. There's also that pesky grocery list that needs to be completed before I head out the door and spend half my husband's take home pay on Little Debbie snacks. But instead of accomplishing the above things, I shall share with you one of the many somethings new I'm doing this year.

I'm using a random generator to select my patron Saint for 2013.

St. Edwin of Northumbria
Feast: October 12
Patronage: Converts; Homeless People; Kings; Large Families

I was pretty surprised when he popped up on the random generator. For one, I'd never heard of him. Two, his feast day is the day of my older brother's death. Three, he is the patron saint of large families. 

And the subject of large families and doing God's will for my family has been swirling through my mind, heart and prayers a lot lately. I'll expand when I can actually sit down and write out some rational (to me, anyways) thoughts without possibly starving my children during their school day.

1 comment:

  1. The significance of this particular saint cannot be ignored. You are single-handedly inspiring me to seek out my faith and become more active.

    Truly amazing that this program generated St Edwin.



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