December 13, 2012


I used to openly mock the "crazy Jesus people." I'm not proud to say that. Indeed, it pains me to admit it. Especially since I am now considered that "crazy Jesus lady" who is constantly talking about her faith. I see what ya did there, God. Very clever.

For breakfast I devoured two cupcakes over the kitchen sink. They don't count then, right?

I know I complain about living smack dab in the middle of tiny downtown DuBois, Pennsylvania, but there are perks. There are exactly 299 steps from my back door to the Luigi's take out window. Which means I can have fresh Italian food every day of the year. Which means I'll probably never be a size two again. 

Oh another downtown living perk? The church one street over that rings its bell at noon every single day. And since it's Christmas time, it plays a different carol each day. I often will poke my head outside to hear which song is filling my neighborhood.

One of the neighborhood's resident alley cats snuck onto my porch night before last and legit sprayed poop all over my bistro set, ruining two perfectly nice cushions. That was fun to clean up. Not.

I am overly excited about watching Jen's new reality show tonight. Like, I have an alert set on my phone for it. You can click here for ways to tune in. Really nothing makes me happier than seeing people truly living out their faith. 

T minus eight days until my parents and my mother-in-law arrive for Christmas and the white carpet downstairs is one muddy footprint away from being called brown. I should probably work on that.

T minus eight days until we have three babysitters and le husband and I can have a very much deserved date night. Expect a pregnancy announcement in February. 

I posted this photo to Instagram yesterday and someone commented that Olivia should use the dinglehopper. I spent the rest of yesterday loudly singing "Part of Your World."

Happy Thursday!


  1. Priceless picture is priceless. You have the cutest kids ever. Have a great Thursday!

  2. Love that a date night for you = baby #5! Size two or not, SOMETHING must be working!

  3. Okay, this is totally surreal: I just pulled up your blog to look for your email address to tell you that I recently discovered Look Snap Love and am a huge fan...and then I saw you mention the show. Wow! That is so cool! It's so nice to "meet" you! Keep up the great work. :)

  4. Pregnancy announcement + dinglehopper = LAUGH OUT LOUD

  5. Loved this post! From talking about your faith, to watching Jens story and the little mermaid at the end :)



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