July 27, 2012

IV chronicles - {38 weeks}

Well, if Rosalia Belle doesn't make appearance by tomorrow at noon, this will officially be the longest I have ever been pregnant.


The end is in sight. My doctor did say that if I was still pregnant at 39 weeks, he would admit me and get this "show" on the road. I'm not sure how I feel about that, just because I really didn't want to be induced. But if it's a means to an end of many nights of false labor, I'm there!

I'm still walking around at 4 cm dilated, 60% effaced (as of my appointment earlier this week). Lots and lots of aches and pains and pressure. Not surprising. Still didn't stop me from going for a four and a half mile walk earlier this week.

How do I put this lightly? If le husband asks me one more time if I'm having contractions or if it's time or if I could just go into labor already, I'm going to very politely punch him in the face. (I love you, honey.)

I'm currently down to about 3 shirts and a couple pairs of stretch pants that still comfortably fit. I find myself fantasizing about fitting into regular clothes again. That and being able to carry Remy up the stairs without hyperventilating.

I can't wait to hold this sweet little lump of sugar in my arms. Soon y'all..SOON!


  1. You might very well be the cutest pregnant lady EVER! and your hair looks just as FAB as that belly of yours!! I can't wait to see this little girl...I have no doubt she'll be just as gorgeous as your other 3 children. Early congrats to you and the family and I'll be stalking you (via the net) until Rosie is born!! xoxo



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