July 20, 2012

IV Chronicles - {37 weeks}

This post has been brought to you by one giant red bouncy ball, three jars of dill pickle spears, and an entire week of waking up at least five times a night.

Obviously blogging has sort of taken a back seat to life this week and probably will continue to do so until this little one is here. Heck, who am I kidding..blogging has taken a back seat to eating and napping. Both things I have been doing a tremendous amount of this week.

So I am officially full term and walking around at 4cm dilated. People tend to get a little bug-eyed when they hear that. As if me sneezing will cause the baby to suddenly drop to the floor. But alas, this is completely the norm for my pregnancies and really does not indicate when labor will start.

Even though I should probably be getting really impatient and irritated and ready to get this whole thing over with, I okay am surprisingly okay with being pregnant for a couple more weeks. Or at least until le husband and I get at least one or two date nights in. We haven't had one in six months or so? Yikes!

37 week belly..

See y'all next week? Maybe?


  1. You look so great for it being a 4th baby and 37 weeks! Flip. I'm only 29 weeks and I think I may be the same size as you! Good luck for the next few weeks.



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