June 28, 2012

18 months of Remy

Remy and I didn't exactly have the best of days today. In fact, most days are pretty rough around here right now. You see, Remy thinks he's a four year old. And wants to do the things that four year olds can do. But sir cranky pants over here is merely 18 months today.

Little guy is very spirited. Very headstrong. And very, very cute.

Fun facts about 18 month Remy:

He is still not sleeping through the night.

He's suddenly become a lot more picky about food.

Diaper changes are his least favorite time of day.

He's still taking a full two hour nap every afternoon. (Woot!)

He thinks the toilet is hilarious.

His favorite words are poo, ball, eat and go.

He thoroughly enjoys picking on his big sister.

He's still a biter. (We're working on it.)

He is go go go from the time he wakes up until his head hits the crib for his nap.

His smile and little laugh are THE best.


There's a lot more I could probably add to this, but by the time this kid goes to bed, my brain hurts.


Dearest Remy,

Despite all the times you make me want to bang my head against a wall, you are forever my golden boy. We love you more than you could ever fathom and can't imagine our family without you.

Love, Mom


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