May 20, 2012

What's up.

I'm a little over 28 weeks now and this picture does absolutely no justice to how large my belly feels at this point.

My legs are KILLING me. And charlie horses are becoming a nightly occurrence. Rosalia isn't a terribly active baby. She moves enough to not make me worry, but there is a noticeable difference versus when I was pregnant for Remy. Speaking of Remy, his new favorite thing is to lift my shirt up and slap and poke at my belly. Yeah..ouch.


A certain little girl made a split second decision to chop all her hair off today. Now I can't stop staring at her. She just looks so grown up. ((sob))


We've been really preoccupied these past few weeks with the house. 

And as much as we love this house and can appreciate the character and charm, it is becoming very apparent that a change is in the cards for us. Six people using one and a half bathrooms? 
Not so much. 

We don't necessarily have a timeline worked out yet and just thinking about all the work (and STRESS) that lies ahead of us in the next few months, on top of the new baby, makes me practically break out in hives. But I can't help but be excited about finding our "forever maybe not forever, but definitely long term" house.


So..that's what's up.


  1. You look FABULOUS (as always :) ) and I totally feel ya on the bathroom thing. Just one bathroom and 6 people over here makes for some tense mornings sometimes. I swear I'm ready to have Tommy just install a toilet next to the washing machine so he and Paul can use that during emergency moments....

  2. awww, I love that house! You look adorable pregant! And she looks so grown in that picture! :-( I have those moments when I look at Sydney and she looks way too old to me....sigh...



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