May 16, 2012

Hell week.

Sorry for sort of disappearing, y'all.

Let's jump right in, shall we?

It's been a hell week of sorts. Started with Olivia getting sick on Friday, me catching a terrible cold and the crappy really peaking on Monday morning when we ended up in the emergency department with a very feverish little girl.

Like 105 degree fever. Scared the crap out of me.

We seem to be on the upswing of illness though, with Liv returning to school today and me going all day without any major headache.


Remy's going through some major growing pains and really giving me a run for my money and sanity. 

Maybe it's my lack of patience lately or partly due to my growing belly becoming a hindrance to being able to really chase after him but...I'm just tired. So, so tired.

Linking up with Em again this week!


A friend of mine (Miss Heather Whitten!) did some blogging yesterday that really spoke to me. So much so that I actually took time out and read her entry more than once. A rare thing for me.

And the following statements really resonated with me:

"...I put myself. my struggle. my story. out there for anyone to see. Because, in the end I’m worthy of expression. I’m worthy of being heard. I’m worthy of connection."

"...this blog. these pictures. all of my over-sharing. are the way that I break out of my box and reach out to all of you with love and with truth and with hope."




  1. Hi! New reader here, glad to hear everyone is feeling better. I would be freaking out if my daughter had such a high fever! And I totally understand how much of a pain it is chasing after a toddler when you have a big belly.. I'm 33 weeks today.. looking forward to more posts and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  2. You are soo gorgeous...and naturally too! I would be so scared if my Eli got sick like that! He has never had a fever over 102. I too like this quote..because that is how I blog...for all to see. If no one likes it, well I do and that is all that matters! your cute little blog!

  3. Great quotes. I think most of us bloggers agree!

  4. Sorry you were all sick this week! We had something similar and I can completely relate to the growing belly and no patience! I have to just keep remembering it is only for a time. Soon everything will be different and there will be new struggles.

  5. aw, feel better. love the pictures!



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